Due Diligence & Investigations

We conduct white collar criminal defense investigations for defense counsel nationwide. We specialize in insider theft & fraud cases.
Internal Investigations including: insider fraud, data/IP theft, contractor and employee misconduct, misuse of company resources and other dishonest conduct. We also conduct investigations into misappropriation/concealment of marital assets.
Our multidisciplinary team excels at comprehensive investigative and litigation support services. All investigators bring a unique skill set to each investigation. Our investigators are college graduates and have a minimum of 5 years relevant experience.
Our forensic accountants and digital forensic examiners serve as expert witnesses in civil proceedings related to fraud and insider misconduct.
Our affiliate CyberTrail is a digital forensic investigation firm. Its certified computer examiners specialize in financial fraud, asset investigations, and corporate investigations including insider theft and other misconduct.
We offer a comprehensive review of the target business entity to include operations competency, Owner and C-Level background checks, finances, assets, competition, market share, and financial projections.

We Deliver More Intelligence Faster than Anyone in the Industry

Foster Intelligence (subsidiary of CyberTrail, LLC) is a boutique corporate due diligence and fraud investigation firm. Our clients include litigators and other legal professionals, business leaders, venture capitalists, financial institutions, public entities, seed fund investors, and commercial and private lenders.

Our staff consists of attorneys, forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, data scientists, former fraud detectives, and digital forensic examiners.

We utilize forensic accounting, digital forensics, data science techniques, deep web mining and analysis, stochastic forensics, and traditional private investigative techniques to provide the most comprehensive reports available in the industry.

Our Company Mission
Our mission is to be the premiere corporate due diligence firm in the country. To accomplish this we employ a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience. We are not your typical everything to everyone private investigations firm. We are specialists.
Return on Investment
To maximize our clients return on investment from our services, we typically take a phased approach to complex investigations. The beginning or triage phase provides an overall snapshot of the potential sources of evidence related to the case including the potential strengths, weaknesses and costs.  The purpose is to enable our clients to narrow the scope of the investigation without committing to an expensive comprehensive investigation of every available source of evidence.
Single Point of Contact
The majority of our investigations are performed in support of legal professionals and business managers. A legal liaison will be your single point of contact from start to finish. They are licensed attorneys with at least 10 years of relevant corporate experience.

Recent Testimonials

"Smith & Foster LLC exhibited an amazing ability to sort out the intricacies of due diligence. I would recommend them to anybody."
John Stone, CEOPOW Audio
The firm handled my case professionally and thoroughly despite the impressively quick turnaround time. I would highly recommend Smith & Foster.
Joshua LiptzinThe ByteFactory


Certified Computer Examiner
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