As a premier business intelligence and fraud examination firm, our success lies in the people we hire.  We hire only the best, brightest, and most experienced employees because our clients demand no less.  Because retention is the cornerstone of our philosophy, we offer generous benefits including unlimited paid time off (PTO), health, dental, flexible work schedule, telecommuting (depending on the scope of the project), minimal travel for most positions, and standardized profit sharing agreements.  While travel requirements are generally minimal for most positions, please note that positions involving business development may have a significant travel requirement.

Our firm continually seeks out talented professionals in the fields of forensic accounting, law, investigations/compliance, digital forensics, and support staff to better serve our clients and keep up with our rapidly expanding needs.  At a minimum, applicants for all positions must possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA and three years of relevant professional work experience to apply. The only exception to the years of professional experience policy are exceptional students who have relevant coursework and satisfactorily complete an internship with Smith & Foster LLC.

What Sets Us Apart

Based in Denver, Colorado, Smith & Foster LLC brings an unprecedented multi-disciplinary approach in the fields of financial and fraud investigations, forensic accounting, and digital forensic services.  Our compensation is competitive with large firms and we offer a progressive benefits package that rivals other major markets in the United States.  We also offer telecommuting in many instances. While high performance is expected and rewarded, we do not maintain a minimum billable hour requirement and value work-life balance.  Our founders can frequently be seen engaging in many of the outdoors activities Colorado has to offer.

While the scope of the project and clients will sometimes dictate scheduling, we offer unlimited paid time off.  For the most part, we are only concerned that you are a productive employee in comparison to your peers.

You will not find a better place to live than Denver. In 2016, Forbes ranked Denver as the #1 best place for business and careers.  In 2014, Business Insider ranked Colorado as the top-performing state economy in the United States. At Smith & Foster, you will be provided with a sponsor to assist you and your family with housing suggestions, administrative matters inherent in any move.

Licensed Attorneys

As an attorney at Smith & Foster, you will primarily conduct quality assurance on completed work to ensure the methodology and work product is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You will serve as a financial fraud legal consultant to clients including in-house counsel, and business leaders. You wil ensure the final product submitted to the client meets the organization’s standards for delivering a final report that is well written, accurate, and adheres to the company’s policies and procedures. At a minimum, lawyers at Smith & Foster LLC must possess:

Three years of experience in the fields of compliance, fraud investigations, EEOC, digital forensics, or regulatory work or satisfactory completion of our internship program.

A degree from a top-tier ABA accredited law school or

Class standing in the top 15% of your class of a ranked regional law school

Admission to the Colorado Bar and US District Court

Demonstrated excellent legal written and communication skills (writing sample will be required)

Demonstrated ability to handle a large case load and prioritize work (references will be checked)

The ability to appropriately work with confidential information.

A desire to participate in projects including examinations of fraud, workplace misconduct, and digital forensics

Pass a background check, have satisfactory references, and education verification.

Salary:  Starting salary is commensurate with larger firms and depends on experience.

To apply for an attorney position, please contact our recruitment team at

Forensic Accountants

As a forensic accountant at Smith & Foster, you will utilize your education and experience in conducting forensic accounting and analysis to uncover instances of fraud, provide our clients with business valuations, and quantify data for transaction advisory, analyze financial data to provide business intelligence for corporate consulting, due diligence, and merger and acquisition assignments.  At a minimum, forensic accountants at Smith & Foster LLC must possess:

Three years of experience in public accounting or appropriate private industry positions

Bachelor of Arts or Science degree from a regionally accredited institution in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or a related field

General knowledge of GAAP, accounting systems, practices, and specific industries

Possess and maintain a valid Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license

Possess and maintain, or be willing to obtain within 180 days, the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential or

A willingness to become familiar with the field of digital forensics

The ability to appropriately work with confidential information

Pass a background check, have satisfactory references, and education verification


Possess and maintain, or be willing to obtain within 180 days, the Certified Forensic Accountant credential or a certificate from a regionally accredited university in forensic accounting.

Salary:  Starting salary is commensurate with larger firms and depends on experience.

To apply for a forensic accounting position, please contact our recruitment team at

Exceptional Student Internship Program

While we generally only extend job offers to those with several years of relevant professional experience, we strive to bring exceptional talent to our staff to better serve our clients.  For this reason, exceptional students in the fields of accounting, finance, business administration, economics, criminology, or a related field are invited to apply to our internship program. The internship program at Smith & Foster LLC applies to those candidates in their junior or senior year of a regionally accredited undergraduate program and to those awaiting the results of their professional examinations (CPA or the Bar).

Our benefits, compensation, and perks rival the Bay area and other major markets. Especially exceptional intern applicants may be offered a paid internship and paid time off to study for the CPA or Colorado bar exam in exchange for an employment contract.

“Exceptional student” for undergraduate students is defined as:

Having a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale or a 3.0 GPA at a top tier university, an endorsed recommendation from a faculty member in the fields described above, no disciplinary issues at your academic institution involving criminal conduct or academic dishonesty, and passing a satisfactory background check (no felony convictions or convictions for crimes of moral turpitude).

We do not offer a summer associate program for first or second year law school students, but invite eligible recent law school graduates, or those in their 3L year, to apply while awaiting Bar exam results.

For those recent graduates studying for the CPA or Bar exam, time off will be granted to interns to take preparation courses and study for the exam.

Depending on the student’s performance and fit with Smith & Foster LLC, successful interns can have the professional experience requirement waived under the exceptional student program and may be offered full time employment.

To apply for the internship program please contact us at  Be prepared to submit your educational transcripts, recommendation from faculty member, and CV.

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