Theft & Misconduct Investigations

We investigate internal misconduct including data and IP theft, harassment, contractor fraud and misrepresentation, misuse or theft of company resources, and fraud schemes.

We bring a different approach than our competitors by employing examiners with diverse backgrounds including data miners, statisticians, digital examiners, forensic accountants, former financial crimes investigators, certified fraud examiners and traditional private investigators. Our diversity in experience allows us to bring a pragmatic and sophisticated approach to fraud examinations.

Investigative Accounting

Forensic accountants reveal latent facts in financial information and provide expert witness testimony when necessary. In short, we bring you value in finding hidden money or reconstructing complex financial occurrences. When faced with a complex high value business transaction, merger, acquisition, litigation involving affluent individuals/entities, or suspected fraudulent activity our clients trust Smith & Foster to deliver efficient and comprehensive findings.

Fraud Prevention

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), over 50% of businesses are affected by fraud. On average it takes eighteen (18) to twenty four (24) months to discover fraudulent activity and the median loss is $140,000. In 20% of cases, losses exceeded a million dollars.

Our fraud examiners, forensic accountants, and attorneys at Smith & Foster provide fraud prevention services in determining where your risks lie and how to effectively implement cost effective internal audit controls to mitigate and prevent losses or shrinkage. Depending on the makeup of your organization, some cost effective internal controls can include:

  • Utilizing a Fraud Hotline
  • Internal Examinations
  • Fraud Analytics
  • Background Checks
  • Fraud Detection Training

Please contact us for a no obligation consultation on our fraud prevention services.

White Collar Criminal Defense Investigations

Our team includes a former law enforcement financial crimes detective, certified public accountants, an attorney with a strong business law background, certified digital investigators, and fraud examiners. By leveraging our diverse backgrounds, our team provides a more comprehensive and effective investigation than most traditional private investigation firms. We investigate allegations relating to all types of white collar crimes including: fraud, embezzlement, and bribery. We specialize in insider fraud. We leverage our expertise to uncover any errors or omissions in the prosecution’s case. We assist defense counsel in examining the prosecution’s theory of the case and we investigate alternate theories to the crime. We investigate whether the defendant’s constitutional rights were violated at any time during or after the investigation.

Civil Litigation Investigations

Business torts often have complex fact patterns. Our investigators are led by a team who posses a working knowledge of the intricacies of the corporate world.  They understand the elements of business related tort claims including breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, theft of trade secrets and misuse of company resources. We work with our affiliate, CyberTrail, to handle the digital forensic investigation component that almost always arises in a business tort case.

We support personal injury attorneys with witness locates and adverse party due diligence investigations. If we cannot find your witness, you do not pay. We have the resources and technology to conduct the most wide-ranging witness locates in the shortest time possible.

We work with family law attorneys to uncover evidence of asset concealment and financial irregularities.

We conduct full scope background checks as well as less comprehensive checks. We provide the best value in the background check service industry. While most firms take a one-size fits all approach to conducing background checks, we bring value and return on investment to each case.  We provide bulk discounted pricing. For law firm clients, we offer the first background checks at cost. This allows you to trial our services with a minimal investment.  We bring an unmatched level of sophistication and professionalism to background checks and report writing.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Our forensic accountants and digital forensic examiners serve as expert witnesses in both civil and criminal judicial proceedings to corroborate or refute evidence presented. Our team has also served as litigation consulting experts in cases involving fraud, due diligence and digital forensics.

We offer expert witness and consulting services in the following fields:

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Prevention of Fraud
  • Accounting Practices
  • Internal & External controls,
  • Economic Damages
  • Rules of Evidence in Digital Forensics
  • Torts involving estimate of earnings, losses, net profits, and recoverable costs.

Business Valuations and Due Diligence

We provide the information our clients need to negotiate mergers and acquisitions and to inform their private lending and investment decisions.

We offer a comprehensive review of the target business entity to include operations competency, physical and financial assets, human capital, financial analytics and projections, market share, and competitive analysis.

Sell-Side Due Diligence

Uncover hidden risks and address potential problems before seeking a buyer.  A problem identified by a purchaser will undoubtedly complicate and lengthen the process resulting in avoidable costs and often a lower than expected valuation.  When you outsource your due diligence to a neutral third party you increase transparency, and enhance your credibility and trust level  to potential purchasers. Retain us to maximize your transaction value.

Due Diligence of C-Level Executives and Partner Vetting

 We discreetly examine the financial circumstances surrounding the recruitment and hiring of C-level executives.  When hiring an influential person to run a large portion of your organization, you want to be assured fiduciary responsibilities will be upheld.  We investigate their professional and personal network, assets, finances, judgments, and civil and criminal records. We verify or refute disclosed credentials, experience, contacts, business activity, financial information, material misstatements or omissions, regulatory sanctions, and we examine the circumstances for potential conflicts of interest or mismanagement.  We dive deeper than the typical due diligence checklist and can provide you with the analytical data and other facts needed in making crucial hiring decisions.

Smith & Foster, LLC

Our mission is to be the premiere due diligence and civil investigation firm in the State. To accomplish this we employ a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience. We are not your typical everything to everyone private investigations firm. We are specialists.

Once you retain us, we begin working on your case immediately. We typically take a phased approach to complex investigations. The beginning or triage phase is executed in a way to provide an overall snapshot of the evidence related to the case. The goal of the triage phase is to find enough evidence to allow the requesting party to determine the scope, next steps, and primary sources of evidence.

A legal liaison will be your single point of contact from start to finish. They are licensed attorneys with at least 10 years of relevant experience.


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